Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another day closer

So here we are wrapping up another day at Wesley. This marks the end of my first week here and it really hasn't been so bad.  There are things I miss, but I keep fairly busy or distracted most of the time.  We still haven't nailed down a date for our c-section yet, but thanks to one of my OB's colleagues we might actually set that here in the next day or so. It's really kind of sad that it takes not my actual OB, but someone she works with to try to move things along. I guess I should just vent and I'll feel better.

I  believe yesterday I mentioned how my OB, Dr. Strecker (I know I haven't mentioned names before, but I'm tired of just using the job titles of those who are supposed to be taking care of me),  had said yet again that she had not heard back from my specialist, Dr. O'Hara, concerning the scheduling of my c-section.  This was after the fuss she made of my 1 hour monitoring not being done right after breakfast that morning and acting like there was something more the nurses could have or should have done in response to my vision issue yesterday morning besides what they did of contacting her when she first came on about 10 - 20 minutes after the incident.

For one thing, I found out that Dr. O'Hara started back from her vacation this last Monday and most offices I know of return calls at least the next day if not the day of depending on when the call was put in.  Secondly, I remember my first appointment with Dr. O'Hara where she specifically told me that she did not want to wait past week 35 because she did not want to risk any real contractions or labor to start endangering McKenzie's life.This is a concept I discussed with Dr. Strecker's colleague, Dr. Taylor, today and she seemed to get it before I even finished my thought.  I wish I knew what was going on in Dr. Strecker's head because this does not seem like rocket science to me and as an OB, I would think this would not be foreign concept to her in a case like this.  Suffice to say that depending on what Dr. Strecker says when I see her tomorrow, I will probably be on the phone to Dr. O'Hara's office myself to settle this matter.  This is just getting ridiculous.

On a happier note...  My birthday is just about a week away and I received permission from my endocrinologist, Dr. Guthrie, to have a pretty traditional birthday of cake and ice cream with family or whatever my family intends to do for my birthday.  Yeah!!!  I've been trying to come up with alternatives to suggest to my mom and kept telling them I would leave it up to them to coordinate with the nursing staff or whomever, but that I would be happy just to have everyone up here to help me celebrate surviving another year.  Well, I think that will wrap up this day on life's path. However, I have a baby blanket to finish and maybe a movie to watch before bed. Until next time... G'night all!

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